Maui Whale Watching

So you’re asking, “what does whale watching have to do with snorkeling on Maui?” Well, we’re glad you asked. During the peak months of whale season on Maui, you can get a real treat from our visiting humpback whales while snorkeling. If you’re able to swim underwater, away from commotion, if you’re silent and allow your snorkel to empty its air, you can hear the whales singing. This is something that should only be attempted by those that are more experienced and are comfortable with swimming below while snorkeling.

The experience of listening to the whales sing while underwater is truly amazing. Sound travels incredibly well underwater, so if the whale is anywhere within miles of you, you can hear it quite well.

Another benefit of going on a snorkeling cruise during season is to watch whales as you go to and from your snorkeling destinations. Seeing these massive mammals up close is awe-inspiring. Often whales will breach almost completely out of the water and come down with a great splash. This surface activity, among many others, is something that you’ll never forget.

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