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Maui’s Turtle Town

Turtle Town imagesWhen you hear about great snorkeling in Maui, you often hear about Turtle Town. Where is Turtle Town? This is widely disputed, but here at we are going to give you the straight facts:

Turtles are all over the island. There are a few spots that turtles tend to concentrate in specifically. So the truth is that there are more than one Turtle Towns. Because these graceful creatures are not fixed in place, the best way to answer where they are right now, is to ask a knowledgeable representative at Boss Frog’s who’s been to Turtle Town within the last 24 hours. Obviously the most likely people are boat captains and crew. Your best chance to swim with multiple turtles is by taking a boat trip with experienced ocean experts. Another way to get to Turtle Town is by asking a snorkel representative at Boss Frog’s where to access the turtles from the shore. The second best areas for turtles can be found from the shoreline. Talk to a snorkel and scuba representative at Boss Frog’s or call us at 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55 and ask us how to get to Turtle Town. We’ll be more than happy to offer some great ways to find it that day or a day in the future. If you want a map and instructions, go into a Boss Frog location and someone will help you.
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Below we’ve listed some special deals that are certain to get you to Turtle Town.

Turtle on the sandTurtle Town, La Perouse, and Molokini

Our favorite boat trip to Turtle Town takes you to many spots. This is your best chance of seeing a lot of turtles.

Your day begins with greetings from the crew and a continental breakfast of pastries, coffee and fruit juices. Then you head out to La Perouse Bay to encounter dolphins almost every day. Next you get snorkel gear and a lesson on your way to Molokini Marine Reserve, a hot off the grill BBQ lunch of cheese burgers, chicken burgers and the trimmings will be prepared for you. Ice cold refreshments are served all day. Your next stop is Turtle Town for a snorkel with the large, gentle green sea turtles. Cash bar $1.00 for Beer or MaiTais, available after snorkeling. This is one trip that you need to call for. You’ll get the best price and information on how to get the most out of the trip. I did this trip two weeks ago and it was amazing! There’s nothing like seeing Dolphins, snorkeling with tons of beautiful fish, and giant turtles, then relaxing some more in the sun with an ice cold beer. If you book early, you’ll get the best deals. It’s sure to be your favorite snorkeling experience too. This tour goes from $54.95-$94.95 depending on your age and the discount you get.

Turtle on the sand

Shore Diving Turtle Town, Maui

B&B offers a shore scuba dive with one or two tanks, or even at night. It’s an easy way to get wet without getting on a boat.

After a brief orientation and time to get ready, you and your dive buddy walk out into the water, under the clear warm water, and your imagination takes it from there. Watch the waves crash above you as you venture farther away from the shore to the turtle activity. This is also one of the least expensive dives available at $49.00. For easy booking call 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55.