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Morning Snorkel Adventure


Morning Snorkeling“Snorkeling is a bit of a foreign thing to my husband and I, but we we’re told it was worth doing on Maui. We gave it a shot by going on the Frogman II to Molokini Crater. Sensing that we were nervous, the staff was eager to help ease or stress and succeeded in doing so. They gave us individual attention explaining the best ways to snorkel. Their instructions and demonstration helped us enormously, thus beginning our love for our latest favorite activity. Once in the water, we spent some time getting used to swimming face down and breathing through our snorkels. I was immediately shocked at the amount of beautiful ocean life around us. We tried to contain our excitement by concentrating on our new-found floating positions. Greg is not as good a swimmer as I, so he used one of those floating noodle thingys to lie on. It helped tremendously at first. Later, we went to Turtle Town as well! Here, Greg decided to not use the noodle and found floating much easier now that he’d gotten used to it. We learned that snorkeling is less about swimming and more about floating. Though we did see some advanced snorkelers diving to the bottom in order to see some of the turtles closer.

All in all the trip was a success. Since then, we went snorkeling from the shore in front of our resort. Thank you everyone for making things so easy for us, and for taking us to such incredible places! ”

Sue and Greg Long

Kansas City ’08

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Quicksilver Dinner Cruise Review


Quicksilver Dinner Cruise Review“We hadn’t been on the water since we’d arrived. When we got to the boat, the crew was really friendly and helpful. We’ve been on boat cruises before and know that staking a good spot is crucial. We immediately found a good spot and stashed our belongings on the chairs. Once the boat was full and ready to go, we noticed we’d done this for no reason! The Quicksilver has plenty of room and many great spots to sit and enjoy the view. There was a musician playing great music. We left the harbor and had some complimentary cocktails. The warm airs of Maui are particularly inviting when you’re rushing over the water in a big boat. We had plenty of time to walk around and explore while we went out to ocean. At one point the ocean had some chop, but the catamaran handled it really smoothly. I was surprised because my husband can get sea sick. He was fine throughout the trip. Dinner was perfect. It was such a treat to enjoy a delicious dinner out on the water as we watched sunset. And what a sunset!! Maui never fails to inspire me at sunset. It was especially magnificent over the ocean. We had some more cocktails and relaxed while listening to good music. My family will be doing this cruise again soon. One thing I have to commend you on is the price. I spent more for dinner at a subpar restaurant in Lahaina than I did on the whole cruise! Keep it up!”

and Preston Manning

Rhode Island ’07

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Whale Watch Review


Frogman II Whale Watch Review“I’ve been on a lot of whale watches in my day. I live in Santa Barbara, California with my wife and son. We go to the aquarium in Long Beach quite a bit too because our boy is infatuated with ocean life. Charlie loves the whale watches, but they kill me. It’s great to see him have fun, but until now i’d never seen a whole lot of action. Mostly just tail slaps from 1/2 mile away while we sit in the cold. What a surprise it was to go on a whale watch in Maui! We saw what we’d normally see in California (from an entire trip) in the first couple minutes! Humpbacks were every where. We had to stop the engines a bunch of times because of the close proximity. We could hear them blowing air out of their blowholes. Incredible! I think I was more excited than Charlie, and he was beaming! One of the humbacks breached right off of the left side of our boat! It was amazing. The splash was enormous and everyone erupted in excitement. Since this first trip, we’ve gone again 2 more times. I expected less, since the first trip was so spectacular, but we we’re given a show everytime. We’d be watching whales play next to us, and see more in the distance doing the same. I don’t think i’ll ever do a whale watch trip anywhere else again. OH, and the Maui Ocean Center is incredible too. Charlie loved the shark tank. Maui’s got everything for an ocean lover. I’ve already suggested the Frogman II to my friends and want to thank you for all the fun. We’ll be back next year same time. Mucho mohalo to you all!”

Johnathon, Erin, and Charlie Shumway

Santa Barbara, 07

Whale Watching