Maui Snorkel Coupons and Discounts


Print the coupon to the left and take it to a Boss Frog location specified. OPEN COUPON AND PRINT HERE! This internet Coupon is not always offered, so take advantage now while it’s available.


Heavily Discounted Maui Activities

We are offering a number of discounts on Maui activities through our affiliate website, Either go to the site, or call a representative at 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55. Tell them you heard about some discounted snorkeling and other activities from this website and they will give you the hook up. Don’t forget to ask for any other ways to save on the activities. It’s amazing what you’ll get if you just ask for the most discounted deal. You may end up walking away having made money! Seriously!!