Maui Snorkeling by Boss Frog's | Honolua - Maui Snorkeling by Boss Frog's
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Honolu’a may well be the best Maui snorkeling spot on a good day. A good day here is when there have been no recent North swells or rain. During North swells, this is a world class surfing spot and for obvious reasons not good snorkeling. If there has been a recent rain in the area, the run-off enters at the mouth of the bay and ruins the otherwise great visibility. Most of the time this is a great place to snorkel or dive. There are coral formations on each side of the bay and lots of colorful fish. The chance of spotting a few turtles here is excellent. This is a marine reserve so you are not allowed to take anything but pictures.

Honolua Bay is in Danger!! Go to Save Honolua Bay to learn more about what Big Developers plan on doing to our sacred spot. 

Location: Honolua is North of Napili on Hwy. 30, about 1/2 mile past mile marker 32, you will see a metal gate down in a wash. Park where you can and walk around the gate, through a canopy of trees and to the water. Be sure to park off the road. If you are not completely outside of the white fog line, you may get ticketed. Do not leave valuables in your car.

Facilities: none

Beach: Large, smooth rock

Experience Level: Beginner to advanced

January 13, 2014

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