Girls partnering upSnorkeling in Maui is the best part of visiting this incredible island. In order to keep things memorable for the right reason, you need to practice safe snorkeling. The first thing you should do is make certain you’ve spoken to someone who knows the area you plan on snorkeling at. The easiest way is to book a snorkel trip with instructors and staff on hand in case of an emergency. Call us at to book your Maui activities at 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55. Another way to do this is go to a helpful snorkel shop and speak to the staff. Boss Frog’s has knowledgeable friendly staff that can point you in the right direction to a great snorkel experience. They will also give you a map and point out the best spots and safest entry.


Below is a list of important things to do when Snorkeling in Maui.

1. Always snorkel with a partner. If you’re in an odd group, then make a group of three. Always keep an eye on each other when in the water. You can help assist eachother with entry and exit out of difficult snorkel areas. Also, make sure someone out of the water knows where you are. If there’s an unfriendly current, you want someone who’s not with you to question why you haven’t come back.

2. Leave the sea life alone! If you’re not sure what it is, don’t touch it. There are a lot of creatures in the ocean that may look harmless, but will leave you hurting for days. Take it from someone whose had experience doing things the wrong way; I have a lot of scars from the reef and other sealife that I regret.

3. DON’T RIDE THE SEA TURTLES. They are protected and it’s illegal. They’re harmless to swim around and look at, but when threatened, can pack a mean bite. A careless inconsiderate snorkeler lost some fingers not too long ago due to his wanting to ride the turtle. This is dangerous for both you and them. If they can’t get to the surface, they’ll drowned.

4. Stay away from areas with any wave action. Waves can take you over a reef or slam you into the beach without warning. Waves also detract from the clarity of your dive which is another good reason to stay away. A third reason to stay away from active swell areas is you’ll probably lose one piece or all of your gear in the turmoil. The summer usually brings in South swells, so stay North or Upper West of Maui. The winter brings in North swells, so stay south or lower west. There are many exceptions to these rules. Speak to a representative at Boss Frog’s for a few minutes as to where the swells are not.

One beach that’s notorious for beating snorkelers up is Big Beach in Makena. This beach is beautiful to lay on and swim, but the active shore break often pulls snorkelers into the sand for a quick face plant. This area isn’t extraordinary for snorkeling anyways.

5. Rent proper gear. If your fins don’t fit right, you’re likely to lose one or both in the middle of the ocean. Also, rent flotation devices. They’re cheap and a lot of people use them. If you feel too macho to do this, remember that you’ll be floating out there for a while and exhaustion can come quick. call 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55 for the closest rental shop to you.

2 for 1 coupon6. Just like swimming, don’t eat anything for 45 minutes before. Cramps can stop you in your tracks! And when you stop floating, you know what happens.

7. On the other hand, make sure that you’re well hydrated. Water is pulled out of you by the sun, your activity, and the salt water.

8. DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL AND SNORKEL! Alcohol doesn’t hydrate you and will disorient you. This is a great way to get hurt or worse.

9. Don’t snorkel in Murky conditions. You’re on an island, so there’s almost always going to be one shore that will have no swell activity. Find out which one and go there. Rain can also cause some areas near outlets to become murky. These area’s are no fun to try and see through, and attract unfriendly bigger fish. If it’s been raining, your best bet is to go on a boat trip where the captain will take you to the best and clearest spots. Call us at at 808-856-4271 ext. 55, in Hawaii dial 808-661-3333 ext. 55 for the best boat trips or to find the closest snorkel shop in assisting your finding a good spot.

10. Pay attention to all posted signs. There are a lot of permanent signs around the island. If anything unusual is happening, more will be posted. These signs are there for a reason.